Alex Lieberman & Austin Rief Strategy and Thinking Framework

Morning Brew Co-founders: Alex Lieberman & Austin Rief

Austin & Alex, the co-founders of Morning Brew, a successful daily business newsletter, have been trying to implement the “Jobs to be Done” thinking framework in the first months of 2021, in all aspects of Morning Brew, specially product and business. This has helped them and their business strategies.

If you are a business owner and MorningBrew is your company’s competitor, or your just a startup founder looking for quality books to help you along the journey of growth, maybe you want to take a look at it to see whether it can be of help to you and your business, as well.

In search for finding the best strategy for Morning Brew, its founders read “Seven Powers” book in March 2021. They tried to set new strategies by the help of this book. The book says: “Strategy is your plan as a leader for maintaining power in your market, and power is a company’s ability to experience persistent profits.” The founders believe that according to this definition, for Morning Brew to continue growing in their competitive market, they have to maintain their profit. In this regard, their role model is Andy Grove from Intel company: when he decided to stop the Memory business, as it wasn’t profitable anymore due to Japanese rivals, and enter Micro Processor business, which showed more demand in the market, and this single decision helped Intel to be one of the most powerful tech companies for decades. They are setting strategies that lead to maintaining power in the market for a long time, and power for them means, profitability for a long period of time.

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