CompetitorGPT – Business Research AI Chatbot

GPT-4 AI Chatbot for Business Research

CompetitorGPT – Business Research AI Chatbot

The story of CompetitorGPT's inception

As a team working with a wide range of companies at, our mission has always been to help our clients gain a deeper understanding of their market, competitors, industry, and customers. Throughout our journey, we’ve provided diverse reports and insights that have empowered businesses to make informed decisions and thrive in their respective markets.

While working on these reports, we recognized the need for a highly intelligent bot that could streamline the business research process. Thus, the idea of CompetitorGPT, an AI chatbot for business research and analysis, was born. Initially intended for internal use, our experts relied on CompetitorGPT to generate daily, monthly, and one-time reports for our clients, enhancing the quality and efficiency of our services.

So we built it upon GPT-4 and ChatGPT from OpenAI. For each question we use:
– data from our own research done through the last 2 years for SpyNewsletter’s customers
– premium non-public corporate data
– real-time search data
to ensure the highest quality of AI response.

As we continued to refine and improve CompetitorGPT’s responses, we quickly realized that our AI chatbot was unparalleled in the market. No other competitor could match the level of complexity and accuracy that CompetitorGPT consistently delivered. This revelation led us to believe that CompetitorGPT could greatly benefit a wider audience beyond our internal team.

With the confidence that our AI chatbot could revolutionize business research and analysis, we decided to make CompetitorGPT available to the public. By providing businesses with access to this powerful tool, we aim to help them uncover valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the competition.

We invite you to experience the cutting-edge capabilities of CompetitorGPT for yourself and discover how it can transform your approach to business research and analysis. With CompetitorGPT on your side, you’ll be equipped with the insights and intelligence you need to make the right choices and achieve lasting success in your market.


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