41 ChatGPT Prompts for Business Analysis (Comprehensive)

41 ChatGPT Prompts for Business Analysis (Comprehensive)

Business analysis experts juggle a wide range of complex tasks from market research to financial modeling to process optimization. Leveraging AI to enhance productivity and tap into data-driven recommendations can provide a competitive edge. But identifying the right prompts to provide the AI assistant ChatGPT to drive helpful, customized business insights requires thoughtful guidance.

That’s why I’ve compiled this extensive list of 41 proven prompts for business analysts. These detailed prompts empower users to leverage ChatGPT for tasks ranging from developing buyer personas to performing cost-benefit analyses to mapping customer journeys. I’ve optimized prompts to elicit the most accurate and in-depth responses from ChatGPT, while keeping them customizable so analysts can tailor to their unique business needs. My prompt playbook features not only comprehensive request templates but also prompt customization instructions so analysts can use these as launch points to build their own AI queries with rigor. Whether need to compete an objective risk assessment, benchmark performance metrics or simply research a new market’s dynamics, this prompt guide has you covered with Bitcan reliable springboards any business analysis leader can use immediately to tap AI and accelerate outputs.

Here are detailed and customizable prompts for each of the 41 topics along with prompt customization instructions:

Table of Contents

1. Competitive analysis

Prompt text

Please provide a comprehensive competitive analysis for [company name] in the [industry] industry. Include a section comparing key competitors on dimensions like:

  • Products/services offered
  • Pricing/monetization models
  • Target customer segments
  • Estimated market share
  • Marketing and sales strategies
  • Competitive advantages/disadvantages
  • Recent strategic partnerships
  • Strengths and weaknesses

For the top 3 competitors, provide an overview detailing their value proposition, key capabilities, and areas where they excel or fall short compared to [company name].

Conclude with 2-3 implications of your analysis for [company name’s] strategy and product roadmap in this market.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with the focus company name
  • Replace [industry] with the relevant industry
  • Limit analysis to top 3-5 key competitors

2. Market sizing

Prompt text

Please estimate the total addressable market (TAM) size for [product/service] in [location] over the next 3-5 years. Outline the methodology and assumptions used in your analysis, including:

  • Relevant market metrics to size (revenue, units sold, active users etc.)
  • Key market segments included in estimation
  • Forecast growth rates and cited sources
  • Major macroeconomic factors positively or negatively impacting market potential
  • Competitive landscape trends influencing market accessibility
  • Any constraints limiting addressable market size

Provide all relevant calculations used to arrive at the final TAM forecast. Discuss key uncertainties that could alter expected market value.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [product/service] with relevant product/service name
  • Replace [location] with specific country/region or worldwide

3. Customer segmentation

Prompt text

Please develop a customer segmentation analysis for [company name] identifying 4-6 key customer segments based on demographics, behaviors, motivations and other relevant attributes.

For each identified segment, provide a 1-2 sentence description and detail the following:

  • Notable demographic traits
  • Key psychographics distinguishing wants/needs
  • Significant behaviors and purchasing preferences
  • What value they expect from [company name]
  • Their priorities and decision drivers
  • Other characteristics useful for targeted marketing

Conclude with implications of this analysis for [company name’s] marketing, product development, and customer engagement strategy. Provide suggestions on which segments to prioritize or any segment-specific strategies recommended.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name
  • Adjust number of segments to analyze as fits needs

4. Journey mapping

Prompt text

Please map out the typical customer journey for a customer purchasing [product/service], including key steps and decision points at each stage of their journey, specifically:

  • Trigger: What prompts them to consider making a purchase?
  • Awareness: How do they become aware of brands, and learn about product options?
  • Consideration: What drives brand/product comparisons?
  • Purchase: How do they ultimately select a brand and make a purchase decision?
  • Experience: What post-purchase and ongoing experience is delivered?

Make sure to highlight emotional elements and pain points at each stage of the journey. Call out potential areas of friction or confusion across channels that [company name] could design for better customer experience.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [product/service] with relevant product or service purchased
  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name

5. Buyer persona development

Prompt text

Please develop a detailed buyer persona representing [target customer group] that [company name] wants to better understand and attract. Ensure the persona has relevant details including:

  • Descriptive profile summary (1-2 sentences)
  • Job responsibilities and key challenges/pain points
  • Typical process to evaluate and select products/services
  • Defining demographic & psychographic attributes
  • Motivations, attitudes, values that drive behavior
  • Objectives sought from [type of product] vendor
  • Sample quote reflecting worldview

Provide recommendations for how [company name] should adapt branding, messaging, content strategy or product design to increase appeal and relevance to this persona. Outline 2-3 key insights that can influence areas like pricing, distribution channels or partnerships to better reach them.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [target customer group] with relevant target customer title or role
  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name
  • Replace [type of product] with relevant product category

6. Pricing analysis

Prompt text

Please analyze appropriate pricing and pricing strategy alternatives for launching [product] in [market] given competitive offerings, customer willingness-to-pay, and [company’s] cost structure and margin requirements.

Include factors like:

  • Price levels and ranges in market for comparable products
  • Market research findings on customer price sensitivity
  • Competitor value positioning impact on price ceiling
  • Production, R&D and marketing costs to factor
  • Impact on unit volume at different price levels

Evaluate 2-3 viable pricing options that balance value delivery and ability to achieve revenue goals. For each, provide price point recommendation, positioning strategy, and projected profit margins. Conclude with implications for broader go-to-market and launch strategy.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [product] with product being priced and launched
  • Replace [market] with relevant target market (e.g. North America, emerging markets)
  • Replace [company name] with the relevant company

7. Positioning statement

Prompt text

Please draft a positioning statement for [company name] that captures:

  • The target customer segment and buyer persona
  • The frame of reference – defining the competitive set
  • The unique value proposition and point of difference versus competition
  • The key reasons a customer would deem our differentiation believable

The statement should provide clarity to customers on why [company name] is more valuable than alternative options in concise memorable language that can inform branding and messaging.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name

8. Sales forecasting

Prompt text

Please develop a 12-month sales forecast for [product], outlining relevant assumptions and calculations related to:

  • Expected market size and growth rate
  • Anticipated market share we expect to capture
  • Impact of competitive dynamics
  • Contribution of marketing campaigns and partnerships
  • Effects related to seasonality, regional differences, or external factors
  • Additional quantitative or qualitative assumptions

Provide complete forecasted units/revenue on a monthly basis over the next 12 months. Include a region and segment level breakdown as relevant for analysis to determine production plans and hiring goals. Highlight 2-3 top priorities or actions needed to achieve this forecast.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [product] name with relevant product to forecast
  • Adjust time horizon from 12 months as fits needs

9. Financial modeling

Prompt text

Please build a 3-year financial model for [company name] to evaluate expanding into [new market]. Ensure the model projects income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement annually.

Key line items to incorporate:

  • Incremental revenues – cost of goods sold
  • Gross margins – operating expenses (by category)
  • EBITDA – taxes \
  • Working capital – capital expenditures
  • Depreciation – financing needs

Include underlying assumptions driving financial projections and conduct sensitivity analysis on 1-2 key variables. Outline strategic and operational recommendations to accelerate plan viability based on learnings from completed model.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name
  • Replace [new market] or product/service driving expansion plans

10. Cost-benefit analysis

Prompt text

Please conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis for [proposed project name] quantified over a 5-year period including upfront and ongoing costs, tangible and intangible benefits.

Outline key elements including:

  • Itemized list of one-time and recurring cost estimates
  • Projection of incremental profit or strategic benefits
  • Assumptions applied and external benchmarks referenced
  • A calculated net present value estimate
  • Timeline to achieve breakeven
  • Discussion of unquantifiable pros and cons
  • Description of risks or unintended consequences

Evaluate results and provide recommendation on whether projected ROI warrants moving forward and suggestions to help ensure positive outcomes.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [proposed project name] with relevant initiative being evaluated

11. Risk analysis

Prompt text

Please analyze the key risks and mitigations associated with [company name] launching [new product], including:

  • A taxonomy of 6-8 business, technical and market risks ordered by likelihood and potential impact
  • Qualitative description of each key risk factor and possible manifestations
  • Benchmarking for similar product launches
  • Statistical and historical data used to score probability and magnitude
  • Proposed mitigation plan, controls and contingency response for top 3 risks

Provide a risk heat map plotting risks scored by impact and likelihood. Outline the top 1-2 priorities for risk management. Discuss risk tolerance thresholds that could impact go-to-market decisions.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name
  • Replace [new product] name with product being launched

12. Benchmarking

Prompt text

Please benchmark [key process] at [company name] versus observable practices of 3 competitors considered best-in-class to identify a prioritized set of 3-5 recommendations for performance improvement.

Areas to compare could include:

  • Technology platforms/tools in use
  • Workflow design and automation
  • Quality management
  • Cycle or processing time
  • Policy differences
  • Cross-training approaches
  • Volume capacity
  • Compliance rate

For recommendations, detail proposed changes, approximate cost or effort to implement, expected impact potential, risks and considerations.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [key process] with relevant business process to analyze
  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name

13. Focus group discussion guide

Prompt text

Please outline a 90-minute focus group discussion guide draft to capture reactions of [target customer segment] to [new product name] prior to development.


  • Opening remarks
  • Introductory warm-up exercise
  • 5-6 main questions to elicit needs, preferences and reactions
  • Use of images, product samples or stimuli
  • Closing summary and thanks

Focus questions on areas like:

  • Initial product perceptions
  • Evaluations of key features
  • Potential value delivered
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Interest and intent to adopt

Describe ideal facilitator attributes, equipment needed, participant incentives and venue recommendations.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [target customer segment] with relevant target market
  • Replace [new product name] with product concept to test

14. Interview guide

Prompt text

Please draft a 30-minute interview guide that [company name] can use to better understand preferences and unmet needs from [target customers] to inform [new product] development.


  • 2-3 intro questions to build rapport
  • 3 body questions on brand perceptions
  • 2-3 questions eliciting detailed needs
  • 2 situational problem-solving questions
  • 1 closing question

Focus inquiry on:

  • Current and aspirational use cases
  • Workflows, pain points and requirements
  • Tradeoffs made and value drivers
  • Potential feature reactions

Describe ideal screening criteria, interviewing skills needed, incentives and optimal methods for analysis.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name
  • Replace [target customers] with target roles and titles
  • Replace [new product] name as relevant

15. Survey design

Prompt text

Please design a 15-question online survey [company name] can use to validate the MVP feature set for [product name], our [type of product], among target [buyer persona].

Include questions addressing:

  • Awareness levels
  • Current tools used
  • Workflows and challenges
  • Feature reactions and priorities
  • Perceived usefulness
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Likelihood to buy

Outline survey type for each question (multiple choice, rank order, text response, etc). Define total number of participants needed and propose social media channels or panels to field survey cost effectively. Provide timeline and budget implications.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant company name
  • Replace [product name] and [type of product] with specifics
  • Replace [buyer persona] with target customer description

16. Persona-based scenarios

Prompt text

Please build 2-3 realistic usage scenarios for the key buyer personas: [persona 1], [persona 2], [persona 3] interacting with [product/service] across multiple phases of use including:

  • Initial onboarding
  • Conducting [core tasks]
  • Responding to notifications
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Seeking help/info
  • Providing feedback

Map detailed journeys including emotional elements, questions at each step, software interactions, and pain points. Provide illustrations where helpful.

These will help identify functionality gaps and areas for design focus.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace personas with descriptive buyer persona titles/details
  • Replace [product/service] name as relevant
  • Replace [core tasks] with 1-3 key product/service capabilities

17. Focus group moderator guide

Prompt text

Please outline a script, prompts, and instructions for an effective 90-minute in-person focus group of [8-10 participants] discussing reactions to and perceptions of [company’s new product] post-launch.

Include guidelines surrounding:

  • Opening introduction
  • Facilitator body language and tone
  • Question phrasing approaches
  • Clarifying question types
  • Redirecting off-topic comments
  • Responding to sensitive issues
  • Wrapping up discussion

Outline 1-2 follow-up probing question suggestions for each of the following core questions:

[insert 5-7 key questions exploring product reactions here]

Conclude with high-level guidance on qualitative analysis methods to apply.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Specify [8-10 participants] number and characteristics
  • Replace [company’s new product] with product that was launched
  • Insert 5-7 Core questions as prioritized for study

18. Presentation plan

Prompt text

Please outline a slides-based presentation plan to provide [executive/stakeholder group] an overview of findings and recommendations from recently conducted opportunity analysis regarding [company name] expanding business operations into [new market].

Specify sections/content for 10-15 slides including:

  • Opening objective
  • Key takeaways
  • Situation analysis
  • Market assessment
  • Competitor overview
  • Strategic priorities and next steps
  • Financial projections
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Concluding remarks and discussion prompts

For each section, list specific charts, graphs or data-visualizations you would recommend to make a compelling case supporting proposed plan.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Specify [executive/stakeholder group] audience details
  • Replace [company name] and [new market] details

19. Gap analysis

Prompt text

Please conduct a capability gap analysis for [company name] benchmarking current marketing skills and best practices required to effectively leverage and manage presence on [emerging social media platform] against competitors.

Outline prioritized gaps across:

  • Social content strategy
  • Community engagement
  • Influencer partnerships
  • Paid media capabilities
  • Analytics and listening

For top 2-3 gaps, detail immediate next steps and longer term recommendations, including proposed capability development initiatives or additional tools required to address needs.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [emerging social media platform] e.g. TikTok, Clubhouse

20. Root cause analysis

Prompt text

Please perform an objective root cause analysis into factors explaining why [key performance metric] for [product/initiative] decreased 30% over the past year.

Outline in order of impact:

  • Quantitative trends and variance analysis
  • Process changes over period
  • TechnologyPLATFORM or tool limitations
  • Capability gaps identified
  • Current practices vs. known best practices
  • Marketing program performance
  • Leadership decisions and strategy shifts

For the top 2-3 root causes, describe specificRecommendations to address findings along with next steps for implementation.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [key performance metric] e.g. sales, customer satisfaction score
  • Replace [product/initiative] with relevant details

21. Business case

Prompt text

Please develop a well-structured business case for [company name] to pursue [proposed new product launch], including:

  • Opportunity overview
  • Goals and objectives
  • Background on current gaps or needs being addressed
  • Descriptions of new product and key capabilities
  • Analysis of target market potential
  • Competitor review
  • Implementation plans – resources, timeline, partners etc.
  • 5-year financial projections
  • Metrics for defining success

Conclude with a recommendation on whether [company name] should move forward based on your objective assessment of benefits and risks. Outline any critical assumptions that could alter your recommendation.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [proposed new product launch] with relevant initiative

22. Capability maturity model

Prompt text

Please assess [company name’s] current capabilities related to [customer data analytics] against competitors using a formal 5-stage maturity model assessment including:

  1. Ad hoc
  2. Opportunistic
  3. Systematic
  4. Differentiated
  5. Transformative

Evaluate and position [company name] against each element:

  • Data infrastructure
  • Analytical skills
  • Privacy policies
  • Tool utilization
  • Decision authority

Outline top 3 recommendations to advance capabilities, highlighting priorities for near term focus.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant

23. Process mapping

Prompt text

Please map the current order-to-cash process for [company name] capturing key steps, stakeholders, systems/data, and decision points from initial customer order to payment and fulfillment.

Use a flowchart to illustrate activities within phases including:

  • Order capture
  • Scheduling/inventory checks
  • Picking/packing
  • Shipping preparation
  • Invoicing
  • Payment

Note areas contributing to bottlenecks, rework, delays, or risk. Quantify relevant cycle times for sub-processes. Outline 2-3 priority recommendations to improve efficiency in most problematic segments based on analysis.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details

24. IT system alternatives analysis

Prompt text

Please conduct an analysis comparing leading IT solutions capable of meeting key requirements for [CRM system capabilities sought by company name] and provide recommendations on the top 2-3 platforms worth further evaluation.

For each recommended option, outline:

  • Provider profile and solution background
  • Technical architecture and security standards
  • Implementation and support model
  • Pricing and total cost of ownership estimates
  • Pros and cons relative to needs
  • Vendor viability and roadmap alignment

Conclude with 1-2 suggestions on what critical capability or outcome gaps remain unaddressed across alternatives evaluated that [company name] should address.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [CRM system capabilities sought by company name] with relevant details

25. Business requirements document

Prompt text

Please draft key sections of a business requirements document (BRD) supporting [company name] in selecting a customer data platform (CDP) including:

  • Background and goals
  • User personas and use cases
  • Current state systems assessment
  • Functional requirements
  • Non-functional requirements
  • Solution constraints
  • Prioritized wishlist

Ensure functional requirements outline capabilities sought across:

  • Data ingestion
  • Identity resolution
  • Segmentation and analytics
  • Privacy and governance

Conclude with a transition requirements section covering training, support, and change management considerations.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details

26. Technology selection scorecard

Prompt text

Please create an objective decision criteria scoring model to evaluate 3 potential [CRM system] platform options under consideration by [company name] to meet defined business requirements including:

  • System A
  • System B
  • System C

Define 10-12 weighted selection criteria across categories like:

  • Functional fit
  • Vendor profile
  • Implementation approach
  • Total cost of ownership

For each option, score 1-5 and weight categories to provide a systematic comparison, listing pros and cons discovered for the top recommended choice.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [CRM system] with relevant system type
  • Replace vendor system name placeholders with actual options

27. Change management plan

Prompt text

Please outline a comprehensive change management plan detailing steps, timeline and tactics [company name] should employ to support employees through [major operational change] currently being implemented that will impact key processes and systems used firm-wide.

Ensure plan addresses:

  • Structured communication strategy
  • Targeted messaging by audience
  • Learner personas and empathy mapping
  • Training program design Principles
  • Resistance mitigation approaches
  • Reinforcement mechanisms
  • Success measures and feedback loops

Conclude with your top 3 recommendations for leadership in sponsoring effective adoption.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [major operational change] overview with related details

28. Pilot project plan

Prompt text

Please define the scope and plan for a pilot project to validate the effectiveness of using [emerging technology solution] to improve [business process] prior to full deployment at [company name].

Outline details including:

  • Pilot goals and timeline
  • Use cases being tested
  • Metrics that define success factors
  • Test participant profiles and incentives
  • Required skill building
  • Risks requiring contingency plans

Conclude with recommendations on ideal pilot scope and staging approach to best validate desired outcomes before scaling more broadly across the enterprise.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [emerging technology solution] with relevant solution
  • Replace [business process] with relevant process
  • Replace [company name] with relevant detail

29. Training plan

Prompt text

Please outline a comprehensive plan for end-user training on [new system/tool] being launched by [company name] across affected departments including:

  • Training modalities and formats to leverage
  • Structure of learning paths by user persona
  • Phase 1 vs. Phase 2 training priorities
  • Content pillars and curriculum framework
  • Recommended job aids or reinforcement mechanisms
  • Evaluation and certification process to confirm capability uplift

Conclude with Logistical recommendations on delivery including proposed schedule, resources, budgets and cross dependency risks requiring mitigation to enable effective capability uplift across intended learners.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [new system/tool] overview with relevant details
  • Replace [company name] with company releasing new system

30. Use case diagrams

Prompt text

Please diagram 3-4 key customer use cases that should inform functional priorities for [company name’s] future state ecommerce platform to drive enhanced user experiences.

Illustrate required site capabilities, integrations or orchestration to enable use cases which may include:

  • Product discovery and evaluation
  • Purchase and payment
  • Registration and account access
  • Order status tracking
  • Address and payment update
  • Returns and exchanges

Note any current capability gaps to realize desired experiences. Outline technology and design priorities implied by mapping.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name’s] with relevant company name

31. Staffing plan

Prompt text

Please define an optimal future state organizational structure, roles and 5-year hiring plan across marketing, sales and customer service at [company name] required to enable [new business initiative] including:

  • Department goals and objectives
  • Span of control considerations
  • New vs. existing roles profiled
  • Role descriptions and reporting lines
  • Profile skills and competencies sought
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Transition planning and OD implications
  • Budget and headcount forecast

Outline underlying operating assumptions and analytics conducted to arrive at recommendations.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [new business initiative] with overview

32. Global expansion plan

Prompt text

Please detail a comprehensive 3-phase global expansion strategy and rollout plan for [company name] to launch [product/service] in priority international markets over the next 5 years including:

PHASE 1 (Next 12 months)

  • Objective and target countries
  • In-country partnerships
  • Required localization adaptations
  • Estimated timeline and investment

PHASE 2 (Years 2-3)

  • Expansion goals and scope
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Projected growth trajectory
  • Updated budget

PHASE 3 (Years 4-5)

  • Sustaining infrastructure
  • Ongoing market prioritization
  • Channel optimization
  • Breakeven analysis

Conclude with top risks or barriers to expansion and proposed mitigations based on comparable rollouts examined.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [product/service] overview as relevant

33. Partner ecosystem strategy

Prompt text

Please define an actionable partnership expansion strategy and 12-month plan for [company name] to leverage an ecosystem of value-added channel partners, integration partners, and alliance partners to fuel top line growth and extend market reach for [core offering].

Outline strategic objectives, types of partnerships to prioritize, ideal partner profiles, value propositions for partners, economic incentive models, legal frameworks needed, guidelines for partner selection, onboarding processes, and relationship management tactics to put in place.

Conclude with a quantified estimate of growth potential through partnerships and recommendations on initial pilot partnerships to pursue in year one as lighthouse success models.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [core offering] with product/service details

34. Communication plan

Prompt text

Please outline a targeted multi-channel communication plan for leadership at [company name] to effectively inform and energize employees across the organization around the forthcoming rollout of new company mission, vision and values statements.

Outline channels, timeline, messaging themes and tactics across 3 communication wave including:

WAVE 1: Thought leadership priming
WAVE 2: Multi-channel launch celebration
WAVE 3: Embedding and reinforcement

Conclude with suggestions on ideal mechanisms to inspire authentic employee activation as loyal brand ambassadors aligned to refreshed company purpose.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details

35. Workflow optimization

Prompt text

Please analyze the current state process workflow for [company name’s] [priority customer service process] highlighting quantified metrics on performance against benchmarks.

Outline top 2-3 opportunities to streamline or enhance efficiency from both a customer experience and operational gain perspective including implementing new tools, reducing duplicated effort, standardization potential, or applying intelligence.

For each opportunity provide – Specific actions/ next steps, Implementation complexity, Estimated impact and Priority ranking to allow leadership evaluation of optimization recommendations.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name’s] with relevant company name
  • Replace [priority customer service process] with relevant process

36. Use case descriptions

Prompt text

Please outline specifications for 8 common use cases for [software tool] to aid developers and testers including:

  1. Title first use case
  2. Title second use case
  3. Title third use case
  4. Title fourth use case
  5. Title fifth use case
  6. Title sixth use case
  7. Title seventh use case
  8. Title eighth use case

For each provide a short name, description, pre-conditions, steps involved, inputs and expected outcomes.

These will provide standards supporting consistent tool utilization and evaluation across technical teams.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [software tool] with relevant tool
  • Replace use case titles with priorities for product

37. Requirements workshop

Prompt text

Please define a detailed agenda and design specifications for a 2-day, onsite workshop event bringing together product owners, technology architects, and other stakeholders from [company name] and [integration partner] to align on shared objectives, capabilities and user stories to inform build of [new system] including:

  • Event goals
  • Participant personas
  • Session timing and sequences
  • Facilitation instructions
  • Presentation templates to complete in advance
  • Prep work for participants
  • Exercise templates and props needed

Outline tools, templates or processes for effective requirements gathering you would recommend embedding.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] and [integration partner] with details
  • Replace [new system] name/description

38: Product launch checklist

Prompt text

Please create a detailed cross-functional product launch checklist for [company name] covering all essential pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities across marketing, sales, operations, and other functions to execute a successful rollout of [key product] including but not limited to:


  • Positioning strategy
  • Events and venues
  • Communications plan


  • Availability
  • Promotions
  • Demo instructions


  • Lead follow-ups
  • Success metrics
  • Customer feedback

Highlight critical path interdependencies, ownership, and timing needed to coordinate an error-free customer and employee experience introducing [key product].

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details
  • Replace [key product] name/description as relevant

39. Contract management

Prompt text

Please assess core elements of contract review, approval, tracking and management processes across legal, procurement, and accounting functions at [company name] and provide a prioritized set of 2-3 process improvement recommendations including:

  • Streamlining steps
  • Improving visibility
  • Enhancing compliance
  • Utilizing supporting tools

For each capability gap or bottleneck identified compromise optimal contract cycle times, outline your proposal to close gaps along with tools and templates that could aid efficiency.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details

40. Cross-functional process map for lead management

Prompt text

Please map the current state workflow for how sales leads are generated, developed, qualified, and converted to revenue across marketing, sales and customer service at [company name].

Use a flow chart to illustrate key steps, decision points, hand offs, systems used and pain points across:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification
  • Lead development
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead handoff
  • Customer conversion

Identify root causes of breakdowns or delays in the lead waterfall. Provide recommendations on ideal sales and marketing governance, enriched buyer insights required, improved enablement, next gen orchestration tools, or better analytics to drive needed enhancement.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details

41. Customer win/loss analysis

Prompt text

Outline an approach for [company name’s] sales leadership to perform a formal win/loss analysis evaluating at least 10 recent key customer situations where deals were won or lost to a key competitor to identify process improvements including:

  • Cross-department participant profiles to include
  • Dimensions to assess
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative questions
  • Win themes and loss indicator correlation analysis
  • Tools for consistent evaluation
  • Dashboards to illustrate learning

Provide examples highlighting wins attributed to stellar pre-sales engineering support. Recommend 2-3 priority areas for capability building investments based on gaps uncovered.

Prompt Customization Manual

  • Replace [company name] with relevant details

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