Eagle Eyes New Layer A monthly newsletter that helps you be informed We Are Your Eagle Eyes Spy Newsletter monitors your competitors and sends out a monthly newsletter to you on what they did in the last month. Sample Newsletter Purchase/Subscribe Slide Each newsletter has a section where you can check out your competitor's numbers, from revenue, to social media status. Watch your competitor through valid data New Layer Sample Newsletter Purchase/Subscribe Numbers Don't Lie
Founders & VCs use it as their special spy agent

How Does Spy Newsletter Work?

Spy Newsletter Is The Future Of Competitor Analysis

We make you more informed about your competition, than their CEO
Spy Newsletter gives you that unique feeling of dominance


Competitor Analysis Done By AI & Human Intelligence

What Kind of Data You Receive in Each newsletter?

Your competition's content strategy, & distribution channels
Key People
The most influential staff in the company, and their contact info
Find out what strategies help your competitor succeed
CEO Thinking Framework
What is founder/CEO's mindset, & what he/she cares about in business
Number of employees & org chart
How much revenue are they making, & what are the margins
Helps you understand how well is their operating performance
Funding & Valuation
How much money your competition raised, and on what valuation
Deep dive on your competitors activity on major social media platforms
Ad Channels & Spend
What marketing channels your competitors use, & home much they put on each
Competitor Analysis (version 2021)

Hire Our Spies

You don't need to make a recurring commitment, because we have a "one time research" option.Purchase a deep competitor analysis for one time only,
Choose a subscription package suited for you, and don't miss a thing about your competitor.
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One Time Competitor Research



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  • For 1 company
  • Incl. all data analyzed by our AI/ML & Human Intelligence



First Month

$299 from 2nd month

  • For 1 company
  • Incl. all data analyzed by our AI/ML & Human Intelligence



Delivered Monthly

+2.5 months FREE -or- +20% discount

  • For 1 company
  • Incl. all data analyzed by our AI/ML & Human Intelligence
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It’s a document that includes data about your competition, giving you insights to know their company and people better.

Yes, we do. Contact us for more information.

It depends. If our team can do it, or our code can do it, sure. Let us know what’s on your mind.