Eagle Eyes New Layer A monthly newsletter that helps you be informed We Are Your Eagle Eyes Spy Newsletter monitors your competitors and sends out a monthly newsletter to you on what they did in the last month. Sample Newsletter Purchase/Subscribe Slide Each newsletter has a section where you can check out your competitor's numbers, from revenue, to social media status. Watch your competitor through valid data New Layer Sample Newsletter Purchase/Subscribe Numbers Don't Lie
Founders & VCs use it as their special spy agent

How Does Spy Newsletter Work?

Our spies break down the journey that companies take to achieve their goals

How Companies Work Newsletter

Learn from successful businesses and how they operate in specific areas

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What Kind of Data You Receive in Each Spy Newsletter?

Spy Newsletter is a modern form of competitor analysis, done by our human spies, which monitors your competitor and sends you a monthly email analyzing the strategies, tactics & tools used in the last month by your competition. To do so, we gather, research & analyze huge amounts of publicly available data on each business/company/startup/organization.
Your competition's content strategy, & distribution channels
Data Minning
Our team of specialized data analysts work on massive amounts of publicly available data on the business, to find patterns & connect the dots.
Find out what strategies help your competitor succeed
CEO Thinking Framework
What is founder/CEO's mindset, & what he/she cares about in business
Number of employees & org chart
Key People
The most influential staff in the company, and their contact info
How much revenue are they making, & what are the margins
How They Operate
We go deep how your competitor company works, what tools they use, and a lot more to give you the upper hand in the competition game.
Funding & Valuation
How much money your competition raised, and on what valuation
Deep dive on your competitors activity on major social media platforms
Ad Channels & Spend
What marketing channels your competitors use, & home much they put on each
Hire our spies & get to know your competitors

Competitive Analysis

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It’s a document that includes data about your competition, giving you insights to know their company and people better.

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It depends. If our team can do it, or our code can do it, sure. Let us know what’s on your mind.