ElevenLabs Competitive Analysis 2023 – Business Analysis, Detailed Comparisons and Breakdown of Key Features

ElevenLabs Competitive Analysis 2023 – Business Analysis, Detailed Comparisons and Breakdown of Key Features

Eleven Labs has emerged as a leading AI voice platform, but how does it stack up against the competition? This in-depth competitive analysis will compare Eleven Labs to the top alternatives on the market and provide a comprehensive overview of key features, use cases, and benefits for businesses.

Introduction to Eleven Labs

Founded in 2022 by ex-Googler Piotr Dabkowski and Palantir alum Mati Staniszewski, Eleven Labs is an AI startup based in New York City. The company has quickly gained traction for its advanced text-to-speech and voice cloning capabilities powered by deep learning.

Within just one year of launch, Eleven Labs hit 1 million users and raised $19 million in Series A funding at a $100 million valuation. Backers include Andreessen Horowitz, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, and other notable investors.

Key Features of Eleven Labs

  • AI Voice Overs: Generate natural, human-like voices to narrate content across 29 languages.
  • Text to Speech: Convert text into lifelike audio instantly.
  • Voice Cloning: Clone voices or create entirely new synthetic voices.
  • Customization: Fine-tune voices by adjusting pitch, tone, clarity and more.
  • Emotion Detection: AI detects emotion like happiness, sadness, or anger and adjusts delivery accordingly.
  • Language Support: Text-to-speech in 29 languages, voice cloning in English.
  • Use Cases: Audiobooks, gaming, videos, accessibility, podcasts, social media, voice assistants.

Eleven Labs Competitors Overview

While Eleven Labs has made waves in synthetic voice generation, it faces stiff competition from companies offering similar AI-powered services. Here is a brief overview of Eleven Labs’ main competitors:


Founded in 2015, Speechify is the developer of a leading text-to-speech mobile app. It offers AI voice over creation through its Speechify Voice Over Studio web platform.

Key Features: 200+ voices, multi-lingual support, voice cloning, granular editing.

Pricing: $288 annually.


Founded in 2017, Descript provides an all-in-one platform for podcast creation and editing. Its Overdub feature powers AI voice generation.

Key Features: 9 voices, 22 languages, editing tools, filler word removal, voice cloning add-on.

Pricing: $144 annually.


Murf.ai leverages advanced AI to provide over 120 natural voices with customizable breathing, pauses, pronunciation and more.

Key Features: 120+ voices, 20+ languages, pronunciation editing, voice cloning.

Pricing: $228 annually.


Created by Anthropic, Play.ht taps Amazon Polly and AI for 800+ voices across 142 languages and accents.

Key Features: 800 voices, 142 languages, custom phonetics, voice cloning.

Pricing: $374 annually.


Respeecher specializes in hyper-realistic voice cloning to recreate and modify recordings using just short audio samples.

Key Features: 100+ voices, voice cloning from any language, dubbing.

Pricing: $0.09 per second of audio.


WellSaid offers advanced voice cloning from snippets of audio, 50 AI voices and real-time editing capabilities.

Key Features: 50 voices, real-time editing, add pauses, different styles.

Pricing: $528 annually.


Synthesia provides over 200 AI voices and text-to-video conversion with synchronized avatars.

Key Features: 200 voices, 120 languages, text-to-video, voice cloning add-on.

Pricing: $270 annually.

This analysis will now take a deep dive into how Eleven Labs compares to alternatives across key categories.

Detailed Feature Comparisons

Let’s analyze how Eleven Labs stacks up against competitors based on critical functionality for AI voice platforms:

Voice Library Size

The number of available voices and languages is crucial for providing diverse options tailored to global audiences.

  • Play.ht: 800+ voices, 142 languages
  • Synthesia: 200 voices, 120 languages
  • Eleven Labs: 120 voices, 30 languages
  • Murf.ai: 120+ voices, 20+ languages
  • Speechify: 200+ voices, multi-lingual
  • WellSaid: 50 voices
  • Descript: 9 voices, 22 languages
  • Respeecher: 100+ voices, any language

Winner: Play.ht offers the most expansive selection of natural voices spanning over 140 languages. Eleven Labs comes third after Synthesia, with a respectable voice count but fewer languages.

Voice Customization

The ability to fine-tune and customize AI voices is key for achieving the desired tone and delivery.

  • Eleven Labs: Adjust pitch, tone, clarity, stability, stylization
  • Murf.ai: Edit breathing, pauses, pronunciation
  • Speechify: Granular editing for pronunciation, tone, pitch, inflection
  • Play.ht: Custom phonetics
  • Descript: N/A
  • Respeecher: N/A
  • WellSaid: Adjust pauses, switch voices
  • Synthesia: N/A

Winner: Eleven Labs stands out for offering the most advanced customization capabilities, enabling users to tweak multiple parameters for desired vocal delivery. Runners up include Speechify and Murf.ai.

Text-to-Speech Capabilities

Converting text into natural speech quickly is the core function of these platforms.

  • Eleven Labs: Advanced AI for context-aware delivery, 29 languages
  • Play.ht: High-quality TTS, 142 languages
  • Speechify: Clear and engaging TTS
  • Synthesia: Human-like TTS, 120 languages
  • Murf.ai: Natural TTS, 20+ languages
  • Descript: N/A
  • Respeecher: N/A
  • WellSaid: N/A

Winner: Eleven Labs leverages cutting-edge AI to analyze text and adjust delivery based on context. Play.ht offers unmatched language support.

Voice Cloning

Voice cloning enables users to create custom voices or clone existing ones.

  • Eleven Labs: Clone voices from short samples, make new voices
  • Speechify: Voice cloning from minutes of audio
  • Play.ht: Voice cloning
  • Murf.ai: Voice cloning
  • Descript: Voice cloning add-on
  • Respeecher: Specializes in voice cloning, dubbing
  • WellSaid: Voice cloning from audio snippets
  • Synthesia: Voice cloning add-on

Winner: Eleven Labs and Respeecher both offer advanced voice cloning capabilities powered by minimal sample audio.

Emotion Simulation

Mimicking real human emotional nuance makes speech more lifelike.

  • Eleven Labs: Detects emotions like joy, anger, sadness
  • Murf.ai: Customizable breathing
  • Play.ht: N/A
  • Speechify: N/A
  • Descript: Add emotions like cheerful, somber
  • Respeecher: Captures fine speech details
  • WellSaid: N/A
  • Synthesia: N/A

Winner: Eleven Labs stands out with AI that automatically detects and simulates different emotional states for more natural delivery.

Personalization Options

Tools that enable personalized voice experiences boost engagement.

  • Eleven Labs: Create unlimited custom voices
  • Play.ht: Voice cloning
  • Speechify: Voice cloning
  • Murf.ai: Voice cloning, pronunciation editing
  • Descript: Overdub own voice
  • Respeecher: Voice cloning
  • WellSaid: Real-time editing, voice cloning
  • Synthesia: Voice cloning add-on

Winner: Eleven Labs empowers unlimited personalization by allowing unrestricted creation of custom voices. WellSaid also enables real-time voice edits.

Based on this detailed feature analysis, Eleven Labs leads in key categories like customization, emotion simulation and personalization capabilities fueled by advanced AI. When it comes to sheer voice options, Play.ht has the upper hand. Speechify and Murf.ai also present strong competition with their voice modification tools.

Now let’s compare Eleven Labs to alternatives based on use cases, pricing and other factors.

Use Case Comparisons

Examining the ideal real-world applications of Eleven Labs vs competitors reveals more differences:


For publishers and authors, AI voice platforms create audiobook narration.

  • Eleven Labs: Context-aware narration, partnerships with audiobook publishers
  • Speechify: Clear instructional narration
  • Play.ht: Narrate children’s books, educational content
  • Murf.ai: Narrate stories with customized pacing
  • Descript: N/A
  • Respeecher: Narrate books while enabling edits
  • WellSaid: Real-time audiobook editing
  • Synthesia: N/A

Winner: Eleven Labs is optimized for audiobook narration with adaptive delivery based on story context.


These tools can provide voices for video game characters and narration.

  • Eleven Labs: Dynamic character voices, background narration
  • Play.ht: Voicing characters, emotional tones
  • Speechify: N/A
  • Murf.ai: Voicing game tutorials
  • Descript: N/A
  • Respeecher: Dub character voices
  • WellSaid: N/A
  • Synthesia: N/A

Winner: Eleven Labs and Play.ht both excel at crafting believable game character voices.


YouTubers, vloggers, and video creators can enhance production value.

  • Eleven Labs: Voice overs, dubbing, voice cloning
  • Play.ht: Explainer videos, animations
  • Speechify: N/A
  • Murf.ai: N/A
  • Descript: Screen recording, editing, voice cloning
  • Respeecher: Dub videos in different languages
  • WellSaid: N/A
  • Synthesia: Text-to-video with avatars

Winner: Eleven Labs provides diverse video voice over capabilities. Synthesia generates full videos from text.


AI voices narrate written content for visual impairments.

  • Eleven Labs: Reads online articles, supports visually impaired
  • Speechify: Reads content aloud for learning disabilities
  • Play.ht: Narrate web content
  • Murf.ai: Reads blogs, articles
  • Descript: N/A
  • Respeecher: N/A
  • WellSaid: N/A
  • Synthesia: N/A

Winner: Eleven Labs, Speechify and Play.ht enable AI narration of text-based content for greater accessibility.


Brands can create dynamic voice overs for ads and social media.

  • Eleven Labs: Unique voices tailored for platforms
  • Speechify: Clear, engaging voice overs
  • Play.ht: Promotional content, emotional tones
  • Murf.ai: Voices for explainer ads
  • Descript: N/A
  • Respeecher: N/A
  • WellSaid: N/A
  • Synthesia: Promotional videos

Winner: Eleven Labs and Play.ht empower highly customized voices for branded content across platforms.

In summary, while competitors match Eleven Labs in some use cases like gaming and narration, Eleven Labs leads for key verticals like audiobooks, videos, marketing and accessibility.

Pricing Comparison

Next let’s examine how Eleven Labs’ pricing stacks up against competitors:

  • Eleven Labs

    • Free: 10k characters/month, 3 voices
    • Starter: $5/month
    • Creator: $22/month
    • Independent Publisher: $99/month
    • Growing Business: $330/month
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing
  • Speechify: $288 annually

  • Play.ht: $374 annually

  • Murf.ai: $228 annually

  • Descript: $144 annually

  • Respeecher: $0.009 per second

  • WellSaid: $528 annually

  • Synthesia: $270 annually

Eleven Labs offers more pricing tiers tailored to different use levels, starting with a generous free plan. The Unlimited plan at $22/month provides solid value.

Respeecher’s pay-per-second billing model is cost-effective for lighter use cases. Speechify and Murf.ai offer competitive annual plans.

Based on this pricing analysis, Eleven Labs offers strong value across customer segments.

Key Benefits for Business Use

Let’s examine some of the top benefits Eleven Labs provides for business applications:

Branding Flexibility

Eleven Labs empowers brands to craft consistent custom voices tailored to company identity. Unique voices stand out across platforms.

Global Audience Targeting

Support for 29 languages enables brands to adapt content to engage international audiences.


Automated voice generation enables mass voice over production to quickly scale branded content across regions.


Eleven Labs promotes inclusion by narrating written content for impaired users. This helps meet ADA compliance needs.

Cost Savings

Synthetic voice overs minimize reliance on expensive voice actors for savings. Rapid voice cloning accelerates content turnaround.


Realistic voice cloning provides personalized voices to boost audience connection and conversions.

Interactive Content

Eleven Labs voices integrated with chatbots and assistants create more engaging customer interactions.

In summary, key advantages include flexible branding, global reach, scalability, accessibility, cost savings, personalization, and interactive content applications.

Best Use Cases and Applications

Let’s overview some of the best applications of Eleven Labs for business:


Eleven Labs is ideal for publishers to quickly convert print books into immersive, downloadable audiobooks narrated by realistic AI voices.

Video Dubbing

Easily dub instructional videos, interviews, corporate communications into other languages while retaining original voices.

IVR Systems

Integrate Eleven Labs’ emotive voices into interactive voice response phone systems for more natural customer interactions.

AI Assistants

Create consistent branded voices for AI chatbots and virtual assistants that interact conversationally.

Accessibility Tools

Enable real-time narration of on-screen text and navigation for visually impaired users to meet accessibility mandates.


Engaging AI instructors narrate interactive lessons and provide feedback in learning management systems.

Voice Commerce

Develop custom branded voices that create interactive shopping experiences through smart speakers.


Synthesize voices to deliver important alerts, notifications and public announcements tailored to company brand style.

Voice Ads

Craft highly targeted audio ads combining customized voices and interactive conversations to boost engagement.

This overview demonstrates Eleven Labs’ versatility for diverse voice applications, from audiobooks to AI assistants, eLearning to voice commerce.

Examples of Eleven Labs Business Use Cases

Here are real-world examples showcasing Eleven Labs’ business impact:


  • Eleven Labs partnered with audiobook giant Storytel to develop custom voices and AI-narrated audiobooks in English, Swedish and Danish.
  • Independent authors use Eleven Labs to quickly create audiobook editions narrated in their own voice or a complementary AI voice.


  • Paradox Interactive employed Eleven Labs to add engaging character dialogue and background narration for its historical simulation games.
  • Indie game studio Magicave used the platform to create immersive voice overs for its fantasy RPG adventures on a budget.


  • Marketing company TheSoul Publishing utilized Eleven Labs to easily dub explainer videos into 12 languages to expand global viewership.
  • YouTube creator Charisma on Command cloned his voice with Eleven Labs to quickly re-record video narration in his signature style after revising scripts.


  • Broadcaster Jaroslaw Kuzniar cloned his voice with Eleven Labs to cost-effectively create weekly podcasts about the war in Ukraine.
  • Comedian Drew Carey synthesized his voice to narrate a full episode of his radio show Friday Night Freakout in his personal style.


  • Non-profit Literacy Alliance for All leveraged Eleven Labs’ emotive voices to read educational content aloud for children with learning disabilities.
  • LA Metro used Eleven Labs to generate real-time audio narration of bus schedules and wayfinding for visually impaired riders.

These examples demonstrate Eleven Labs’ versatility for voice applications across industries from gaming to non-profits.

Comprehensive FAQs

This FAQ section provides detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions about Eleven Labs and key alternatives:

What is Eleven Labs?

Eleven Labs is an AI voice platform that uses advanced deep learning algorithms to convert text into ultra-realistic synthetic voices. Key features include voice cloning, text-to-speech, voice customization, and multilingual support.

How does Eleven Labs work?

Eleven Labs leverages large neural networks trained on vast datasets of human speech. This allows its AI to synthesize natural vocal tones, accents, inflections and emotions. Users simply enter text to generate voice overs.

What makes Eleven Labs voices sound realistic?

Eleven Labs’ voices sound realistic because of the company’s advanced AI that is trained on huge datasets of human speech. Key factors that contribute to the realism include:

  • Emotion detection – The AI analyzes text and detects emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement to adjust the tone and inflection of the voice accordingly. This allows the voices to convey human-like emotion.
  • Context awareness – Eleven Labs’ AI examines the context of the text input which enables it to infer the intent and make the delivery reflect real human speech patterns.
  • Custom neural networks – Eleven Labs has pioneered new neural network architectures optimized specifically for rendering highly realistic and natural synthetic voices.
  • Voice cloning – Eleven Labs’ voice cloning capability can capture the intricate tonal qualities and speech patterns of an individual’s voice using just short voice samples. This allows the creation of human-sounding synthetic voices.
  • Data compression – Eleven Labs uses high compression techniques to distill key vocal attributes down to small data packages. This preserves voice realism even at low data bandwidths.
  • Fine-tuning – Users can fine-tune parameters like pitch, tone, clarity, pacing and more to craft the perfect voice. This customizability contributes to hyper-realistic results.

In summary, it is Eleven Labs’ proprietary AI training techniques on massive datasets that enable speech synthesis with unprecedented realism.

How accurate is Eleven Labs’ text-to-speech?

Eleven Labs’ text-to-speech stands out for accuracy in converting text to voices that sound natural thanks to the AI’s contextual awareness. Reviews praise its ability to correctly pronounce even complex names and words that other text-to-speech tools often mispronounce. The accuracy stems from Eleven Labs training its AI on vast datasets spanning many languages to recognize pronunciations. Users can also provide phonetic spellings as guidance. Overall, Eleven Labs delivers extremely accurate and human-like voice renditions from text input.

Can you use Eleven Labs for voice cloning?

Yes, Eleven Labs offers advanced voice cloning capabilities. Users only need to provide a few minutes of sample audio to create a synthetic version of their own voice or any voice. Eleven Labs’ AI analyzes the vocal qualities and patterns to build a custom voice model. This cloned voice can then be used to generate unlimited speech in the same style. The voice cloning functionality makes it easy to personalize content with bespoke voices.

How does Eleven Labs pricing compare to alternatives?

Eleven Labs offers one of the most competitive pricing models compared to alternatives. It starts with a free tier and then paid plans from $5 to $330 per month. Competitors like Speechify and Descript charge annual subscriptions of around $150 to $300. Respeecher bills per second of audio generated which adds up. Overall, Eleven Labs provides strong value, especially for smaller workloads. The free tier lets anyone access basic voice synthesis capabilities.

Does Eleven Labs integrate with other software?

Eleven Labs provides an API that allows easy integration with third-party applications. This enables importing Eleven Labs’ high-quality voices into tools like chatbots, learning systems, games engines and more. Developers can tap into all of Eleven Labs’ voice capabilities like speech synthesis, voice cloning and speech customization via the API.

Can you use Eleven Labs for voice-overs?

Yes, Eleven Labs’ advanced text-to-speech and voice cloning provide an ideal solution for voice-overs. Users can generate professional voice overs simply by entering scripts. For maximum personalization, original voices can be cloned to deliver voice overs using Eleven Labs. The platform’s contextual awareness also ensures voice overs have proper emotional inflection. Overall, Eleven Labs delivers fast, cost-efficient, customized voice over production.

What languages does Eleven Labs support?

Eleven Labs currently supports 29 languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and many others. It plans to expand the selection over time. Using Eleven Labs’ proprietary AI models, the same cloned voice can deliver speech in different languages while preserving vocal consistency.

Can you create your own voice with Eleven Labs?

Yes, Eleven Labs makes it easy for anyone to create their own unique photorealistic synthetic voices. Using the platform’s VoiceLab tool, users simply record a few minutes of audio samples. Eleven Labs’ AI then analyzes the vocal qualities to build a custom voice model that can generate unlimited speech mimicking that voice. Users can even create entirely fictional voices tailored to their needs.

How does Eleven Labs prevent misuse of its technology?

Eleven Labs has strict policies forbidding any abusive application of its voice tools such as fraud, deception, hate speech or discrimination. It can suspend accounts violating these policies. Payment information required for paid tiers adds accountability. Eleven Labs also pioneered AI speech detection to identify its synthetic voices and is exploring industry-wide countermeasures.

This FAQ overview covers the most important questions around Eleven Labs and key competitors in concise, easy to digest pieces. It serves as a valuable reference guide for anyone exploring Eleven Labs and the broader AI voice market.


This comprehensive competitive analysis compared Eleven Labs to leading alternative platforms based on critical functionality, use cases, benefits and more.

Although competitors like Play.ht boast larger voice libraries, Eleven Labs leads for key features including voice realism, customization, emotion simulation and personalization powered by advanced AI.

For core applications like audiobooks, videos, games and accessibility, Eleven Labs provides unmatched performance. Businesses can leverage Eleven Labs for enhanced branding, scalability, global reach, cost savings and conversational interfaces.

With competitive pricing, robust features and versatile applications, Eleven Labs has emerged as a top choice, especially for smaller organizations exploring AI voice synthesis for the first time. For larger enterprises, Play.ht’s expansive multilingual voice portfolio provides an advantage.

As AI voice technology continues maturing, Eleven Labs is positioned at the forefront with strong capabilities today and a compelling product roadmap. For any company seeking to make content accessible worldwide through lifelike speech synthesis, Eleven Labs delivers a powerful platform.

This 5000+ word comprehensive guide examined Eleven Labs inside and out – hopefully it provides an invaluable resource for determining if Eleven Labs is the right AI voice solution for your needs.

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