Inside the Twitter Automation Industry Drama: The Feud Between Hypefury and TweetHunter

Inside the Twitter Automation Industry Drama: The Feud Between Hypefury and TweetHunter

Once there were two Twitter tools, Hypefury and TweetHunter, two fierce competitors in the social media world, and this is their story. It started with a sad announcement from Tibo, the founder of TweetHunter, that their platform was banned from Twitter. The news spread like wildfire and everyone was posting about #RIPTweetHunter.

People were outraged and demanded answers, and one person asked the question on everyone’s mind: how is Tweet Hunter banned but Hypefury isn’t?

Hypefury, on the other hand, capitalized on their winning position and generated a 50% discount code for TweetHunter users to switch to them. But it wasn’t just this recent occurrence that caused the rift between the two companies. As it turns out, they had a deep history between them. TweetHunter was created after Hypefury and copied everything from Hypefury’s features, website, dashboard, and even marketing assets from Hypefury.

Amidst all the chaos, Hypefury created a savage tweet from their official account, showing no mercy towards their competitors. People were debating whether Hypefury’s move was ruthless and could be labeled a “Vulture Attack.” Someone even wrote a full blown analysis on the situation. But, as @xannysndtrannys pointed out, it was just purely business for Hypefury.

The ban not only affected TweetHunter’s reputation, but it also hit them where it really hurt – in their pocket. Loss of customers was inevitable and it was estimated that they would lose up to 90% of their customers in just two weeks. And even if users tried to find a workaround, it was most likely not effective. They could only hope to give their product away for many months, but only if they had the cash on hand.

But the drama between the two companies goes deeper than just Twitter banning one platform. Samy gave a little bit of context on it, but it was Yannick’s tweet that made me want to dig deeper into what happened before. We still didn’t know why Twitter banned them, but the workaround wasn’t easy or safe either. Users now have to use their own personal API key taken from Twitter Dev, which is risky and technical for most of them, since TweetHunter uses shady methods to grow their users’ Twitter followers. As one person said in a tweet, the method almost felt like saying to Twitter: “Hey, you remember that app you banned today? Well, here are hundreds of copies of the same app spread among other accounts.”

ChrisLaubWrites pointed out another reason to proceed with caution. With such a controversial method in place, using it could only mean that Twitter could look down on other applications that directly or indirectly use the same or similar tactics to grow their users’ followers. But why was Hypefury never banned by Twitter? According to Yannick, Hypefury never used shady tactics to grow their users’ followers.

Finally, Simon Høiberg, the founder of Feedhive, another competitor of Hypefury and TweetHunter, criticized both in a tweet for using these types of methods. He argued that followers bought using such means were not actual users but just empty numbers that showed nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The heated feud between Hypefury and TweetHunter underscored the fierce competition that exists in the world of Twitter automation tools. While both tools offer valuable services to their users, their rivalry has exposed the darker side of the industry. It remains to be seen whether the two companies will be able to put their differences aside and coexist, or whether their feud will continue to boil over in the months to come.

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